Zdeňka Linková


Zdeňka was editor-in-chief of AIMagazine and content manager at Aimtec, where she was also in charge of PR. In 2019 she was at the conversion of a printed company magazine into a content portal where you are now. 

“It is unbelievable what happens in the production halls and warehouses, and I had no idea until I stepped into the first one. Even though it has been several years, I am still surprised by the new and new stories of successful companies and people working in them. Manufacturing is literally magic to me, and I hope it will be for a long time so I will be able to find something interesting in every industry and share it with others.”

Efficient Planning with the Asprova APS System at Autoneum Czech Republic

Autoneum has the vision and goal of digitalising all of its logistics processes. In 2019,…

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“We Originally Just Wanted to Improve Our Processes, but in the End We Automated Our Whole Warehouse,”

states Libor Toman from the board of directors of DŘEVO TRUST, a.s. He answered our questions just…

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“Above All, Communicate Your Automation Internally,”

advises Jiří Ovesný, founder of the logistics consulting firm INTRALOG SERVICES. He has been…

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How Do We Create Intelligent Automation?

That’s the question Paul Norford from Zebra Technologies tried to answer at TAL 2020. Yet his…

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What Makes Smart Logistics Smart? An Interview With Marco Prüglmeier From BMW Group

When it comes to digitalization in logistics and manufacturing, the question most often asked is…

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Filip Dřímalka: The Future Will Be Fantastic

Filip Dřímalka is a law graduate, and yet you’ll more likely come across him as a consultant for…

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The Digital Transformation: Are You a Driver or a Follower?

If you were there in the audience at TAL 2020, Filip Dřímalka may have piqued your curiosity right…

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The 8 Most Interesting Quotes from TAL 2020

What you might have missed at the conference, but is good to remind yourself.

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Warehouse Automation Achievement: Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot is one of the most successful industrial firms in the Czech Republic – and one…

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Automation and Jobs: The Skills Revolution Is a Necessity

Automation replaces people. But does this mean we’re losing jobs? The media might make that seem at…

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The TAL 2020 Conference: The Best in European Automotive

“Each year’s TAL has one thing in common. Our wish for its participants to bring home the best of…

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The Czech Republic’s Biggest Logistics Innovations of 2018

Every year, the renowned media house Economia organises Zóna logistika, a conference at which it…

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Jan Stočes about aimtec.cloud: We Have a Lot More Responsibility Now

This April, we officially launched aimtec.cloud, a single platform incorporating all of Aimtec’s…

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Logistics Start‑Up Skladon Has Entered a New Era with WMS in Cloud

It’s said that the Czech Republic is a land of e-shops. But e-shops require high-quality logistics,…

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Aimtec’s Support division provides nonstop support for our customers. Requests are processed by a…

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