The most interesting quotes from Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL 2023)

How should we connect AI with logistics? Will a green approach truly be a necessity? What path through digitalisation is being chosen by automotive leaders? At the Trends in Automotive conference, we all could hear a wealth of…

How should we connect AI with logistics? Will a green approach truly be a necessity? What path…

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Hunger for change and the need for a strong team ‑ what do our TAL speakers emphasize when building a career?

The Trends in Automotive Logistics conference (TAL) is not just about technology and projects - it…

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The Logistics Tribe: Digital Tools and Transformation in The Automotive Industry and Logistics with Roman Žák

Aimtec has been an innovator in digital transformation since 1996. In a recent episode of The…

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Transformation of the automotive industry and the labour market favour automation, say speakers at the upcoming TAL 2023

Important figures in the field of automotive logistics are heading to Pilsen again. They will…

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Automation: only a scalable concept will ensure companies a place in the market in ten years' time

Automation has been penetrating logistics for many years. Automation technologies often include a…

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Optimising material flows thanks to smart automation

This July, experts in manufacturer material flow and value chain optimisation met up in Nuremberg,…

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The Five Things You Need for Successfully Launching Your Production and Logistics Automation Project

The automation of logistics and manufacturing is steaming ahead. This trend has been helped along…

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Digital Factory

Five tips for successfully digitalising a plastics production line

Plastics manufacturing is a knotty problem for digitalisation – but it can be untangled…

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Automation diminishes flexibility. Aimtec’s Rostislav Schwob explains how to restore it.

A full 95% of the firms approached in the Trends in Czech Logistics 2022 study stated that they…

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Clean up the data jungle, centralize and prepare data for advanced production

The quality of system outputs corresponds to the quality of the inputs. This simple formula has…

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