Warehouse and Shop floor Electronics’ Worst Foes

Manufacturing and storage spaces are often demanding environments, presenting a challenge not only for the people moving in them, but also for their electronic assistants. Barcode scanners, vehicle-mounted computers or printers…

Manufacturing and storage spaces are often demanding environments, presenting a challenge not only…

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The Zebra Technologies MC9400: A Brand‑new Scanner and Other New Features

Almost five million MC9000 terminals are helping worldwide to simplify and improve processes in…

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Interview with Jan Kratochvil: About new features in SAP system, migration to SAP S/4HANA and cloud solutions

SAP is one of the world’s most widespread ERP systems. And this solution’s user community is…

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Cyberattacks are stronger and smarter every day. Protect yourself with the cloud.

Cyberattacks today are not just a matter for major multinationals; they’re hitting small and medium…

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Scherdel ‑ Flexibility as a key goal of automation

Inhouse logistics starts to be a difficult issue from companies of medium size. One such company is…

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Market pressure is the greatest catalyst for change

Zebra Technologies, a global leader and innovator in automatic identification, conducted a…

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An interview with LASSELSBERGER's Head of Logistics on a successful introduction of changes

RAKO is a brand with over 140 years of tradition. It’s also a member of the LASSELSBERGER group –…

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Digital Factory

TAL 2023: What Safran's digital transformation looks like

The purpose of any change in company operation should be to improve, whether in terms of efficiency…

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Five tips for successfully digitalising a plastics production line

Plastics manufacturing is a knotty problem for digitalisation – but it can be untangled…

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Automation diminishes flexibility. Aimtec’s Rostislav Schwob explains how to restore it.

A full 95% of the firms approached in the Trends in Czech Logistics 2022 study stated that they…

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