New logistics management let Germany’s RKT get a lead on its competition

Material handling costs, precise traceability, compliance with expiration dates. Every pharmaceutical company has to grapple with all this – including the German firm RKT. We had an opportunity to speak with RKT’s Director of…

Material handling costs, precise traceability, compliance with expiration dates. Every…

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SAP and EDI in the Automotive Sector: Entrust Integration to a Professional

Not many production companies get by without an ERP system today. One of the most frequently used…

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SappyMOM: How to take local needs into account in a central system

How to reconcile the bosses' demand for SAP standardization with the needs of local plants for…

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Fiori – a Facelift to SAP

As one of the top players in ERP systems, SAP is well aware that an intuitive interface is an…

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Integrate SAP ERP with EDI

It’s hard to say, really, which system in a company is the most important. For some companies, it…

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The New SAP ERP Generation Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Starting in 2025, the new generation of SAP ERP – SAP S/4HANA – will fully replace the current…

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Sappy Products Ready for S/4HANA

The products in our Sappy range are currently under intensive “core” testing. Thanks to their new…

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Interview with Tomáš Pivovarník, Amphenol‑Tuchel Electronics

The SappyMES implementation project upon agreed time and financial conditions. Czech branch of the…

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