Sabina Eretová


Global Flexibility with B2G E‑Invoicing

Business is constantly evolving in our digitalised age. The transition to electronic Invoicing (e…

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Driving manufacturing change with Tom Bianculli, CTO of Zebra Technologies

Thomas Bianculli, CTO of Zebra Technologies, shared his insights at the TAL2023 Conference…

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TAL 2023: The future belongs to the flexible and resilient, says Zebra CTO Tom Bianculli

By the end of this decade, a number of technological phenomena, such as artificial intelligence and…

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Klaus Straub: Key factors of digital transformation at TAL2023 Conference

Klaus Straub, Co-CEO of and former CIO & SVP at BMW Group, shared insights at the…

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When EDI migration means a real upgrade

Few things inspire more dread in the imagination of IT department heads than EDI migration. Even…

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Disrupted supply chains and the future of the automotive industry with Robert Cameron

The global automotive industry has been grappling with unprecedented disruptions in supply chains,…

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You don't need a software company. You need an ability company.

Which abilities are essential for the automotive industry in a time of unprecedented challenges?…

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A Brave New World in Automotive Logistics: Robert Cameron's Presentation at TAL2023

Face-to-face with a changed reality in the automotive supply chain. Step into the future of…

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The Logistics Tribe: Digital Tools and Transformation in The Automotive Industry and Logistics with Roman Žák

Aimtec has been an innovator in digital transformation since 1996. In a recent episode of The…

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