Marie Mundilová


An interview with LASSELSBERGER's Head of Logistics on a successful introduction of changes

RAKO is a brand with over 140 years of tradition. It’s also a member of the LASSELSBERGER group –…

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The Trends in Automotive Logistics Conference 2023: Take a Backstage Look at the Digital Factory

Despite all the current crises, digitalisation is running full steam – for manufacturing firms, the…

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New logistics management let Germany’s RKT get a lead on its competition

Material handling costs, precise traceability, compliance with expiration dates. Every…

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Optimising material flows thanks to smart automation

This July, experts in manufacturer material flow and value chain optimisation met up in Nuremberg,…

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How to standardise processes in the automotive industry without limiting its flexibility?

How does a global automotive player use Aimtec’s DCIx System to standardise processes in its plants…

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Digitalisation and Automation of Continental Automotive Plants

Holistic approach to digitalisation. You either digitalise or you don’t, there’s no doing it…

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The right balance in logistics and where to find it

The most modern approaches in logistics—why should you be aware of the latest trends? How to find…

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Automation in Logistics – From Hardware to Artificial Intelligence

Intralogistics and warehouse automation were once again among the main topics at this year’s TAL…

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A digital‑first approach to logistics innovation by idealworks

When BMW’s new spinoff, the fully owned subsidiary idealworks, was founded in November last year,…

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