The Trends in Automotive Logistics Conference 2024: In the fast lane of the digitalisation highway

Marie Mundilová Aimtec
11. 4. 2024 | 4 minutes reading

Digital transformation is like a road that enterprises drive down to adapt to changing conditions and gain a competitive advantage. What do the “drivers” – CEOs, logisticians and IT experts – need so they can enter the fast lane of the digitalisation highway? What abilities, platforms and technologies are necessary to ensure they and their teams are confidently pointed towards their goals? We spoke with Roman Žák, co- founder of the conference organiser Aimtec, on the topics for the next TAL conference, which will take place in Pilsen on 18 June.

“Driving the Digital Fast Lane” is the theme for this year’s TAL conference. Why this topic in particular?

Because digitalisation is a bit of a “ride”. And as we’ve come to agree at past conferences, the driving force of the digital transformation is people and what they can achieve. Digital transformation of businesses is the result of work by teams that are fulfilling their long-term vision and conception of how they’ll be working tomorrow. “Digital drivers”, just like real drivers in cars on real roads, have to rely on their experience and knowledge, but they have advanced technologies at hand, and they have to know how to use them. And they also have to be able to organise the whole trip and instruct everyone on where they’ll be meeting in the morning, where they’re going, and who’s making snacks. Our goal is to support everyone driving on this digitalisation highway with inspiration from the very best and give them room to share their experiences. And as we always remind our speakers especially: not just “best practices”, but also “lessons learned”. We believe that sharing is precisely what will get you into the fast lane. At the same time it’s not so much about speed; it’s mainly about a road with purpose and a clear direction.

Roman, the upcoming conference will be the event’s 23rd edition. How has TAL developed over the years, and does it still have something to offer after so long?

Trends in Automotive Logistics is true to its name – it shows the trends in logistics digitalisation, and these are moving and developing constantly. Every year we try to open up new topics or bring new perspectives on them. And it will be the same this year – the presentations will bring new impulses in the form of visions for the digital transformation, work with large amounts of data, simulations and AI, and we’ll peek under the lid of battery logistics too.

„Over the many years we’ve been organising this conference, naturally the event’s format and size have changed; this year, we’re expecting over 350 attendees, a large portion from abroad. Yet the open atmosphere that brings guests to TAL has remained, and I’m glad for that.“

Roman Žák, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Aimtec

Can you reveal any specific speaker names?

Of course, programme preparations are in full swing – but we already know Prof. Dr. Nils Finger will be there; he’s a Supply Chain Management professor at CBS International Business School in Cologne. He’ll be speaking about the greatest challenges for supply chain digitalisation. Michael Colberg, COO at REHAU Automotive, will cast light on the strategy for a company’s digital transformation. Martin Vilím, who’s leading the digital transformation process for AISIN EUROPE MANUFACTURING CZECH, will be speaking on a similar topic. Tomáš Sauer, Competence Field Leader at FORVIA HELLA, and Michal Fichtner from Continental Automotive have accepted our invitation as well. There’s definitely plenty to look forward to.

Each year you prepare surprises for participants in the form of presentations from entirely different worlds. Last year it was the exceptional photographer Petr Jan Juračka, who whisked participants into the “backstage” of his most interesting photos. Who’ll be enriching the programme this time?

As a passionate cyclist, it’s my great pleasure to announce that cyclo-cross world champion and Tour de France stage winner Zdeněk Štybar, who recently wrapped up his professional career, has accepted our invitation. Zdeněk knows a thing or two about what you need to ride with the best.

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