Aimtec Has Been Supporting Its Customers All the Time

Marek Šabatka Aimtec
3. 12. 2015 | 3 minutes reading

IT department operation represents quite substantial financial costs. Therefore, the Aimtec company has introduced a new service for its customers, allowing for greater orientation of internal IT to strategic aims, and leaving the operative part to the supplier. In this way, the end users can contact the team of trained experts by phone on a continuous basis, without knowing they call out of the company.

The new service extends standard intake of requirements to systems implemented by the Aimtec company, and all the application supplied by the Aimtec company (DCIx, EDI, SAP ERP, APS Asprova), with the solution of typical requirements for the internal IT. The support includes solution of incidents associated with the administration of email messages, files, phones, Lync communication tool, printers, or installations of various applications. It also includes more complex requirements within the customer systems, such as Citrix or ERP. Requests that are out of external line’s competence are redirected to other competent department of the customer.

Receipt of a request is done by phone. For registration of incoming calls there serves a system managing requirements, so called tickets. Not only an operator is available on the 24/7 mode telephone line, but also a qualified team of specialists receiving requirements for consequent processing. Dedicated employees have a large know-how base available, which becomes larger with every newly resolved requirement. The support is provided in Czech, English, and German languages.

Service advantages

  • Customer saves time. Internal IT department does not deal with operative issues, and can focus on the strategic development.
  • Approach to the problem solution is faster. The requirements are resolved immediately. More than 80% of requirements are resolved by a specialist on the external line.
  • Expert technical support for end users is provided on the customer side.
  • Responsibility for the internal line lies with the high quality team of specialists.
  • The customer obtains highly professional services from the leading IT supplier.
  • Detailed knowledge of the delivered solution is giving space for timely identification of error, even in case of third party solutions.
  • The service is so flexible that it provides options to the customer to participate in the definition of the service, and thus, in its price.
  • The service product not only covers the solution of the incident, but also the statistics of the scope of the service provided, such as number of incidents, and their complexity, or data about the usage of the support team.
  • The service provides synergy with other supported products of the Aimtec company, and meets the set of recommendations for the ITIL projects management.

Who has been using the service already?

The external line service for end users has actively been used by the Eissmann Automotive company resident in Germany, with branches in China, USA, the Czech Republic, or Slovakia, and by the Chinese YAPP concern, having production plants in USA and the Czech Republic.

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