Petr Stejskal


Petr leads the technical team that designs and delivers hardware solutions to provide a maximum of support to the customer's enterprise information systems. As CTO, he makes sure that the portfolio of technologies that the company offers is up-to-date and puts new trends into practice.

In addition to the above, he also involves in new technologies within the AimtecLab research platform, and he is a mentor of AimtecHackathon, where he can once again use his passion for technology.

Warehouse and Shop floor Electronics’ Worst Foes

Manufacturing and storage spaces are often demanding environments, presenting a challenge not only…

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The Zebra Technologies MC9400: A Brand‑new Scanner and Other New Features

Almost five million MC9000 terminals are helping worldwide to simplify and improve processes in…

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The New Reality for Logistics? It’s the Christmas Season, Every Season.

The 21st annual Trends in Automotive Logistics conference was held in Pilsen at the end of…

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From the Internet of People to the Internet of Things

Before machines were first connected via wires or airwaves, they were connected by people. People…

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UWB: Your Signal’s Flight Has Been Delayed

Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology lets you localise objects with up to 30-cm precision, and for…

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A Safe Motorway to the Cloud

A snapshot from a typical hall: the beeps of readers and buzzes of printers resound throughout the…

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Augmented Reality – from Ice Cream to the Production Line

According to a study by the University of Washington, a full 65% of children have one or…

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Get the Most out of LBS

GPS systems can’t see indoors. But LBS technology can! And so it practically begs to be…

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Real‑Time Location System: Your Bodyguard

Imagine a warehouse where the workers don’t have to scan shelf positions and where the forklifts…

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Monitor Warehouse Staff Routes and Localise Objects in Real Time

Where on Earth is Petr with that forklift? Where have you put that blasted pallet with the parts…

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Who Will Win the IoT Global Network Race?

The starting shot was heard. The race has been started, regarding who would build the global…

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Boom of Augmented Reality?

Similarly to every new technology, the augmented reality is connected with numerous myths and…

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