The Zebra Technologies MC9400: A Brand‑new Scanner and Other New Features

Petr Stejskal Aimtec
12. 2. 2024 | 3 minutes reading

Almost five million MC9000 terminals are helping worldwide to simplify and improve processes in even the toughest conditions every day. Now a new generation is here. Get to know the leader on the mobile terminals market: the Zebra MC9400. What does it have to offer? More performance, a brand-new barcode scanner and the fastest connection options for wireless networks. 

The Zebra MC9400 is built upon a new platform that offers 2.5 times greater processor performance, 50% more operating memory and several times more internal memory. This lets you run your current applications faster – and add new ones, which can run side-by-side without interruption. Are you still using a text interface for your ERP system? Planning to switch to a new graphical user interface, for example in the industrial Zebra Enterprise Browser? No problem. You can use all the applications you need. Your devices will deliver plenty of sufficient performance

The brand-new SE58 scanner

One key new item is the brand-new SE58 barcode scanner, which premiered in the MC9400 mobile terminal. It stands out for its absolutely unparalleled scope of scanning – it can focus on just a few centimetres, and yet it can scan equally well at a distance of thirty metres. So, with one single device, an operator can scan both a box they’re holding in their hands and a storage position on the fifth shelf level or a pallet stored on a lorry straight from the forklift truck cabin, all problem-free. The scanner has an innovative green beam that is up to 7 times more visible under direct sunlight than the usual red one. 

„This is the best scanner I’ve ever seen. From the computing power, to the barcode scanner performance and fastest wireless connectivity – it excels at it all! There’s never been anything like it.“

Petr Stejskal, Chief Technology Officer, Aimtec

High connectivity and much more

The Zebra MC9400 mobile terminal is an absolute best-seller on the market. Among other things, it meets the rising demand for connectivity. Besides support for the latest WiFi standard, WiFi 6E, with four times the transfer speed and 75% lower latency than its predecessor WiFi 5, it’s the first pistol-grip ultra-rugged mobile terminal that supports 5G. This makes private 5G networks an attractive alternative to WiFi connections, especially for dynamically varying or demanding environments, both indoors and outdoors. The Zebra MC9400 supports the use of two SIM cards (a nano SIM and an eSIM), and so it can provide a connection to both a private and a public 5G network. This allows your users to rely on the connection in every situation. 

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There are many more new features, such as biometric login, video conferencing, OCR support and a better design for tough environments. The new support for applications using artificial intelligence or augmented reality is also noteworthy. In short, the MC9400 mobile terminal is a can’t-miss device. Curious to see the details? Arrange a device demo – remotely, at your facility or as a loan. Our presentations are free! 

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