Get the Most out of LBS

Petr Stejskal Aimtec
22. 1. 2019 | 2 minutes reading

A Waze for indoors

GPS systems can’t see indoors. But LBS technology can! And so it practically begs to be used for indoor handling-equipment navigation. Use your fleet capacity fully. Besides finding an optimal route based on your work queue, LBS adjusts that route based on the latest info – for example another vehicle’s presence in an aisle. It informs the operator of the next operation and confirms task fulfilment. All without scanning and in real time. It also works as a true nav system, and thus can tell operators when they’ll need to turn, and when they’ll be at their destination.

Location Based Services

One scan is enough

Don’t search, don’t scan. LBS lets you scan materials/goods just once, and then watch their warehouse movements. If a pallet has been loaded improperly or if the operators forgot to scan a position, it doesn’t matter. With LBS, you have instant information on your stocks’ precise locations and quantities.

Location Based Services

No more returnable-packaging losses

Does your plant use returnable packages? And do you ever lose them? Combining barcodes with UWB will bring you information on your returnable packages’ quantities and positions and on inter-operation stocks. It will also let you track empty-package movements and pinpoint missteps.

Location Based Services

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