The topic of our autumn SAP User Group: the latest trends in SAP

Eva Králová Aimtec
7. 3. 2024 | 4 minutes reading

At the end of last year, users of SAP – one of the world’s most widespread ERP solutions – met up in Pilsen yet again to gain new information, share their experiences, discuss the latest developments and more. During the event’s morning programme, they could enjoy several introductory presentations, which were followed by case studies and a showing of a new video from LASSELSBERGER. For the afternoon, they could choose from among several hands-on workshops. What was on offer for the event’s participants?

Opening: Roman Žák and Jan Vápeník

Aimtec Sales Manager Jan Vápeník opened the event and served as its host. 

The introductory speech was delivered by Aimtec’s co-founder Roman Žák. His words focused on the long-term cooperation between Aimtec and SAP. Why is it so hard to make decisions surrounding digitalisation today, and what do all the companies aiming to keep pace with today’s dynamic world have in common? In the following video, you’ll learn about not just software solutions, but also how important it is to team up with a strong partner.


Filip Melichar: The future of SAP

How can you stay competitive on the market? How does SAP respond to changes in its environment? Aimtec SAP Solutions Business Consultant Filip Melichar presented SAP S/4HANA, a system that is built upon an entirely new architecture and is far simpler than the previous solution, with an entirely new user interface. In the video below, you’ll learn about the options for switching to the new system – and other recommendations.


Jiří Přibyslavský (SAP Czech Republic): SAP S/4HANA for manufacturing companies and more

Why is it beneficial for a company to switch to a cloud solution? And what possibilities does SAP offer as a company? The most typical SAP cloud solution is their “public” variant, mainly used by small and medium enterprises. Jiří Přibyslavský from SAP Czech Republic spoke about the new Fiori interface, integration with Microsoft technologies, system customisation and more.


Vít Nohejl: A transformation into the cloud with SAP BTP

Another SAP speaker, Vít Nohejl, tied into the SAP S/4HANA presentation and introduced the Business Technology Platform. What is BTP, and why is it among SAP’s high-priority projects? Take a look at this interesting presentation.


Martin Bezděk: Aimtec SCIx

How is Aimtec responding in its development to changes in SAP? SAP Consultant Martin Bezděk showed participants Aimtec’s SCIx solution for the very first time. SCIx is compatible with every variant of SAP S/4HANA (both on-premise and cloud). In the following presentation, Martin spoke about an entirely new architecture and its major benefits for users.


Antonín Steinberger (Aimtec) and Jan Flodrman (Zebra Technologies CZ): What’s new in the world of technology?

Aimtec and Zebra Technologies have a very long shared journey behind them. Why do Aimtec, SAP and Zebra stick together? How are they cooperating, and what does their joint endeavour bring for companies? You’ll learn about all this, as well as an update to the Zebra Technologies portfolio, in this video.


Martin Vilím: Aisin Europe Manufacturing Czech (case study)

Martin Vilím, IT manager at the automotive supplier Aisin Europe Manufacturing Czech, presented this company’s path towards SAP S/4HANA “and beyond”. This firm located in Písek, South Bohemia, has 600 employees and celebrated twenty years in the Czech Republic last year. Its focus is on high pressure die casting of aluminium and plastics and subsequent machining. Its products are mainly utilised in engines.

How did the people at Aisin Europe Manufacturing Czech deal with the transition to SAP S/4HANA and with digitalisation? Watch the video below.


Martin Spiegler: ZELTWANGER (case study)

Headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, this firm has 400 employees, 250 SAP users, and a deployment of SAP S/4HANA behind it. We’re talking about ZELTWANGER, a company active in both its home country and e.g. the Czech Republic and the USA. SAP Manager Martin Spiegler “threw us into” the day-to-day reality of the companies out there that are implementing major changes in comprehensive systems like SAP. Watch this video and learn how to ensure a smooth ride from the start of production out to invoicing.


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