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3 tips for strengthening automotive supply chains

The last few years have been full of upheavals that have exposed the hidden weaknesses of international supply chains. These developments urgently remind us that we will all need to focus on improving our resilience from here…

The last few years have been full of upheavals that have exposed the hidden weaknesses of…

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Efficient in the Dark: The Five Phases on the Way to a Dark Warehouse

Fully automated warehouses – dark warehouses – aren’t just science fiction anymore. They’re coming…

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What does it mean to be a key OEM supplier?

New car models are coming onto the market every day. And each new model is accompanied by a number…

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Migrating to SAP S/4HANA: Harness the potential of EDI for supply chain optimisation

SAP is one of the world’s most widely used ERP systems today, and its first version dates all the…

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Efficient in the Dark: The Dark Warehouse as the Future of Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics is always a challenge for manufacturers. The movements of a large quantity of…

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Scherdel ‑ Flexibility as a key goal of automation

Inhouse logistics starts to be a difficult issue from companies of medium size. One such company is…

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Market pressure is the greatest catalyst for change

Zebra Technologies, a global leader and innovator in automatic identification, conducted a…

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Digital Factory

TAL 2023: What Safran's digital transformation looks like

The purpose of any change in company operation should be to improve, whether in terms of efficiency…

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Five tips for successfully digitalising a plastics production line

Plastics manufacturing is a knotty problem for digitalisation – but it can be untangled…

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Automation diminishes flexibility. Aimtec’s Rostislav Schwob explains how to restore it.

A full 95% of the firms approached in the Trends in Czech Logistics 2022 study stated that they…

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