Results EDI Call-off and ASN Processing with Customers

EDI communication with new partners is now a piece of cake, says Thomas Schott of RAPA

RAPA supplies components and system solutions for automotive, healthcare and industrial…

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Air it out and sweep the cobwebs, or: doing EDI migration right

Companies in automotive spend easily dozens of years building up their EDI. And it gets…

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Now that we have the data, let's mine it across the supply chain

Visibility. A key word in today's automotive industry. Specifically, supply chain visibility. In…

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EDI mapping in automotive? A quick and affordable solution exists

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an essential part of business, and this naturally applies…

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Supply chain digitalisation and automation at RAPA

For more than 70 years, RAPA has been known as a specialist for solenoid valve technology, and in…

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