Roman Žák


As one of Aimtec’s co-founders, Roman Žák formulates the company’s long-term vision and strategy and oversees their fulfillment. He helps to forge strategic partnerships with key customers and fosters the company’s further development on the global market. 

He has this to say on the state of digitalisation today:

“It’s not customary to speak of this openly, but bravery and straightforwardness should be the most valued traits in industrial companies’ managers today. The bravery to venture out of their comfort zone with new ideas and technologies, and persistence in bringing these changes to life despite the existing system’s resistance. The true digital transformation isn’t about checking off boxes for digital twinning and the IoT. It’s about changing a company’s culture. Recently, many experts have all independently commented that it’s not enough to ‘just’ digitalise – that instead, only those who digitalise sensibly, effectively and above all quickly will make it – and we at Aimtec agree.”

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