EDI without EDI in Days of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Rostislav Schwob Aimtec
30. 11. 2016 | 3 minutes reading

With each new project and customer, always the same questions come to play even today. What new requirements for the data exchange will the client have for me? And what documents will the client ask for? Are we going to print standard delivery notes VDA4913, or in addition, VDA 4922 and VDA 4939? Are we going to send ASN message, and what format will it have? Will there be any new exceptional requirements to be resolved by us? Such questions as well as other ones must repeatedly be resolved by every supplier.

Nowadays however, this complicated and painful process of implementing a new logistic concept can be resolved quickly and easily. The response is the cloud, and associated offer of services.


You will obtain a solution quickly and easily, to address the requirements of logistic concepts. No matter who your customer is, whether ŠKODA AUTO, VW, Audi, BMW, or even very specific car factories Toyota and Nissan. Do not bother about your capabilities for addressing the new requirements within your existing information system. Redirect EDI messages with customer call-offs to a new address. In this manner, you will receive translation from various EDI formats to illegible shape, which you can easily view in your Internet browser. You will display LAB, FAB call-offs, manifests, or Pick-Up sheet documents. You will export obtained data in a simple format as an input for the production planning, purchase, or logistics management.


The whole cloud solution is drawn up as a set of blocks. You will extend the basic service of call-off processing with printing customer documents, labels for handling units, as well as with sending ASN messages to the customer. Another block in the set of blocks is the system check of error-free marking with customer labels. By using a mobile reader and combined scanning of internal and customer labels, you will get, besides correct marking, inputs for required backward traceability. You can keep on extending, and use mobile readers for system management of handling finished products, putting into warehouse based on rules, picking according to FIFO. You can add a register of balance, and movement of returnable packaging. Finally, you can add car loading planning, and management of loading and unloading windows on ramps, and sharing plan with carriers. Similarly to how we built the customer logistic concept, we can build in the area of supplier logistics. From the supplier portal, ASN messages from all suppliers, register of supplier returnable packaging, car unloading planning, external and 3PL storage, to the material logistics.


You will pay nothing in advance, you will bear no investment costs. You will only pay for what you utilize. You will not bother about what to install and where, and who will provide the maintenance. The solution is available and secured in the cloud. The whole set of blocks is based on our products, which have inherited twenty years of experience with the implementation of logistic concepts at our customers. Let our experts guide you through the process, from the selection of the concept, validation by the customer, and integration with your information system, to the putting in productive operation. All in a single place: https://www.aimtecglobal.com/en/aimtec-cloud-edi/

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