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Clean up the data jungle, centralize and prepare data for advanced production

The quality of system outputs corresponds to the quality of the inputs. This simple formula has…

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Data. Data. And more data! How can you master it and ensure it’s clear and on time?

In manufacturing and logistics, you’re faced with mountains of data, and you need to master those…

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Reporting, digitization and 3D visualization streamlines logistics processes by tens of percent

The complexity of today's industrial production brings manufacturing companies a huge amount of…

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Air it out and sweep the cobwebs, or: doing EDI migration right

Companies in automotive spend easily dozens of years building up their EDI. And it gets…

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Paul Martinez and José Ruiz: SEAT:CODE digital lab is revolutionising SEAT’s supply chain

First the order, then production. SEAT’s digital division has turned this Spanish automaker’s…

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EDI could be with us for the next 15 years, says RAPA's IT chief

Thomas Schott has been responsible for IT at Rausch & Pausch (RAPA) for six years. However, he…

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Optimising material flows thanks to smart automation

This July, experts in manufacturer material flow and value chain optimisation met up in Nuremberg,…

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The supply chain inside out: SEAT starts with the end customer

Innovative technologies and digitalisation are inexorably entering supply chains. Thanks to them,…

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SAP and EDI in the Automotive Sector: Entrust Integration to a Professional

Not many production companies get by without an ERP system today. One of the most frequently used…

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Asprova APS ‑ a proven conductor in a new tuxedo plans production down to the second

The almost limitless possibilities for variability in production are forcing companies to look for…

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EDI is alive and well, says Tolga Ozkundakci of IAC

Occasionally one can hear the opinion that EDI is slowly but surely leaving the scene. Ozkundakci…

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Now that we have the data, let's mine it across the supply chain

Visibility. A key word in today's automotive industry. Specifically, supply chain visibility. In…

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SappyMOM: How to take local needs into account in a central system

How to reconcile the bosses' demand for SAP standardization with the needs of local plants for…

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Digitalisation brings new perspectives on manufacturing efficiency

A register of scrap and manufactured units, operator and machine downtime tracking… approaches like…

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Digitalisation platforms – an inexhaustible tool for manufacturing optimisation

Have you ever had the feeling that your manufacturing can’t be optimised any further, and you’ve…

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